As anyone who has shopped for Cultured Pearls knows, it is impossible to find genuine pearls that have both a glowing luster and a clean surface.

Many people appreciate the beauty of pearls but don't want to wear them due to their surface blemishes. 

In this blog post, we'll detail exactly what Blemish-Free Pearls™ are and how we create modern pearl jewelry using them for our customers in this blog post. Keep reading to discover more! 

Pearl Blemishes

Is this what comes to mind when people mention "pearl jewelry"?

Many low-quality pearls on the market have blemishes, pits, mottling/wrinkle, cracks, scratches, or circles that can be easily spotted.

What is Blemish-Free Pearls™?

Through our Blemish-Free Pearls™ Guarantee, we make a commitment to utilizing only pearls with a spotless surface. There will be no pits, mottling/wrinkle, cracks, scratches, or circles that can be seen without a 10x loupe.

How do we Bring to Life Blemish-Free Pearls™ Jewelry?

We refuse to cut corners when it comes to quality because we believe you deserve to wear pearls without flaws. As a result, we only purchase our pearls from reputable sources and each batch undergoes a rigorous quality inspection before it arrives at our studio in New York.

Once the pearls arrive, our founder personally inspects each one to ensure that it meets our Blemish-Free Pearls™ Guarantee. This assures that your pearl jewelry will be made with genuine spotless pearls, and you can be confident in the quality of our products knowing no matter what you purchase from us, only the best pearls are used at all times.