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At MY PEARL, our mission is to elevate your wedding day by creating heirloom-worthy real pearl jewelry that empowers you to feel like the best version of yourself, from the wedding aisle to the infinite celebrations that follow.

We are committed to excellence in all aspects of our business - from sourcing flawless cultured pearls and transforming them into elegantly simple pieces; to our outstanding devotion to customer service.

Our Story - MY PEARL

Our Unwavering Commitments

We strive to be empathetic and caring towards our employees, customers, and society. Compassion is the core value that drives us as a company to act with kindness, generosity, and understanding. We will always prioritize people over profits and strive to make a positive impact on the world.
Socially Responsible
We carefully vet our suppliers to ensure they not only provide the highest quality materials as well as observe ethical labor practices and environmental standards.
We are committed to establish an inclusive jewelry industry, as well as promoting equitable hiring practices and investing in our diverse workforce to foster an organizational culture that aligns with our values.