Our Strategy

Corporate Vission - Core Values and Believes
We value high quality for it's own sake; we believe in being your best, maximizing your potential; we value being in nice physical settings, we only want to participate in markets where we can be outstanding, if we can't be No.1 or No.2 we don't want to play at all.  We value hard work, we value having fun, and time away with our family.

To create flawless pearl jewelry for women who value excellence and to encourage us all to be confident and value ourselves.
Corporate Mission
To be the No.1 supplier in spotless pearl jewelry in North America by 2042.
Leading edge designs, determination to create classic pieces for multiple spinoffs.

Ability to generate lots new ideas and innovations.

Intimate knowledge of pearl jewelry industry.

Reputation for reliability, quality, and service.

We know how to create great catalogs.
Strategy for 2022-2025 - Overview
To obtain our mission of becoming the No.1 supplier of spotless pearl jewelry, we will pursue a strategy of focusing on sourcing pearls without any surface imperfections and incorporate them into our designs with emphasis on expanding the fine pearl jewelry segment.

We will compete on superior innovation, design, quality, and service.

We will only make quality pearl jewelry, until we realize our mission we will not make jewelry for any other types, nor will we enter the soft-goods market.

We will compete on suprior quality, design, and service NOT on price. We will price at the upper-end of the market.

We will develope grouping of core collections that can be easily tailored at specific needs. This will keep our inventory cost low and product quality high.

We will take adventure of the trends toward timeless pearl jewelry and minimalistic jewelry designs. We will therefore concentrate our proudct development efforts on these expanding markets.

We will make all of our products conformed to highest standards of pearl jewelry quality available in the market, thus, puts us in an excellent position if in comparison.